The Kiefers

A little over a year ago, we moved to a new neighborhood, walking distance to the Kiefer's house. Christina and I became instant friends, bonding over our baby boys and a shared love of frozen yogurt. Fast forward one year and we are both pregnant with our second babies, due one week apart from each other. We dress our toddlers in matching outfits, waddle next to each other at the gym almost every afternoon, and constantly joke that we are sister wives. 

True story: my life would suck without her. 

We took these pictures in Santa Cruz a couple weeks ago, and mid-beach session, the tide almost completely took us out. It was crazy. One minute our feet were in the sand; the next minute we had water up to our ankles. We lost a pair of sandals and some beach toys in the process, but luckily there were no other casualties. My ONA camera bag stood strong on top of a rock, THANK GOODNESS. I sprinted after that bad boy as fast as my 32 week pregnant body would carry me.

Due to our session abruptly ending, we spent the next day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to capture a few more photos, sans tidal wave. I'll be honest: the preggos partly just wanted Dippin' Dots and cotton candy. 

Kiefers, what can I say....I love you guys! Thanks for letting me document this very special time in your lives. I can't wait for these babies to be born so we can start planning their wedding ;)