Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want you to take my maternity pictures AND my newborn pictures. Do I get a discount? 

A: Yep. If you book a maternity shoot, you get $50 off your newborn session.

Q: You took my newborn photos and now I want to order birth announcements. Who should I use for printing? 

A: I recommend that birth announcements be ordered through Tiny Prints or Minted.   

Q: Help! I have no idea what to wear to my session!  

A: This is what Pinterest is for. E-mail me for links and advice. 

Q: Where should we take pictures?  

A: Anywhere you'd like! You can pick the location, or I can make a suggestion based on your preference (urban, country, etc). Newborn sessions are always done at the home.

Q: Do you shoot births? Engagements? Weddings? Boudoir photos?

A: Yes, yes, no, sometimes.  

Q: Will you ever shoot weddings? 

A: Probably not. Unless you're planning a wedding for under 50 people in Fiji. Then, YES!